The Kidbrooke Park Learning Centre is a mixed, short-term provision for primary aged children within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The centre is based within the main Kidbrooke Park Primary School building.  Decisions about a place at our learning centre are the responsibility of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, usually via referral to the Fair Access Panel (FAP).

The pupils attending the Kidbrooke Park Learning Centre have previously found school a challenge and have had difficulty accessing the learning. They come from schools all over the Royal Borough of Greenwich. We aim to create a school climate which has a positive effect on pupils’ learning and behaviour, helping them to manage their choices, understand their feelings and learn alternative ways to respond to difficult situations.

Through guidance of highly skilled staff, the placement enables pupils to refocus on their learning and/or to prevent a permanent exclusion from their 'home' school.  

All of our pupils are ‘dual registered’, meaning that they remain on their home school’s register whilst attending the Kidbrooke Park Learning Centre.  The reason for this is to ensure that pupils have the best possible chance of returning to their mainstream school, if this is the most appropriate place for them. This also enables pupils attending the Kidbrooke Park Learning Centre to access support and key professionals that may have been provided or working with them at their home school.

The school day at our centre begins at 9:30am and ends at 3:00pm. These times are in place to minimise disruption to parents and carers in taking/picking up siblings from other schools within the Royal Borough of Greenwich.  The Royal Borough of Greenwich and the Kidbrooke Park Learning Centre expects that, ideally, most pupils will return to their mainstream school after spending two terms at our Learning Centre.

Although a separate provision, our centre is based within Kidbrooke Park Primary School, and our full address is: Kidbrooke Park Learning Centre, Hargood Road, Kidbrooke, London, SE3 8HS.

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