It is essential to promote, recognise and reward good behaviour. At Kidbrooke Park Learning Centre we recognise that encouragement and praise is central to our school atmosphere and we aim to celebrate achievement and success in all aspects of school life. There are many ways in which pupils are rewarded whilst attending our centre - from certificates, stickers and notes home to reward trips and golden time. Every Friday we hold a special Reward Assembly to celebrate our pupils’ achievements.

Behaviour Consequences

Kidbrooke Park Learning Centre staff believe that all behaviours are an outward expression of emotions and are directly related to a child's ability to manage their feelings and to self regulate. Staff always aim to build relationships with our pupils and will encourage them to choose the correct behaviour. However, there are occasions when children make the wrong choices. Where this is the case, staff will follow the Kidbrooke Park Learning Centre behaviour grid (this can be found in your welcome pack). Please note that this grid is only designed to be a guide and is not exhaustive; each case will be judged on its own merit.

Once a consequence has been given it cannot be taken back, however it will always be discussed with children why they have been given a consequence.

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