Children should wear their own home school uniform whilst attending our centre. If this is not possible, then a plain blue polo shirt, black trousers and plain black shoes/trainers are suitable. Please ensure all school uniform has a name tag. For safety reasons jewellery is not allowed at the school - this includes loom bands or plastic bangles. All children are expected to remove their shoes while in the school building, unless they are having a PE lesson or going out for playtime.
If you do have any questions about school uniform, please do speak to a member of Learning Centre staff.

Shoeless learning

We ask all parents, carers and children to support us in making the Kidbrooke Park Learning Centre shoeless.  The aim of this is to create a home-like environment, to encourage calmness and to help everyone at our centre feel more secure.

For more information on how and why we do this, please visit:


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