Year 6 Viking Workshop

What a fantastic day it was! 
We have spent the whole day learning who Vikings were, where they were from, and the important legacy they have left behind. 
We have also discovered how Vikings lived, worked and travelled. We were able to look at tools and clothing, as well as weapons and armour that they used when raiding, trading and invading. Listening to stories told by our chief, we discovered why the Vikings thought it was important to honour their Gods, and learnt about Thor, Odin, Loki and the rest. 
Our learning journey has not ended there though... after the brilliant experience, we posed questions which we would like to research. 
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To all staff involved with the Y6 Viking Workshop.

I just want to say a massive thank you for the Viking Workshop.

Jackson has not stopped talking about it from the moment he left school until bedtime. He took so much from it. It was clearly an enriching learning experience for him. Our highlight was after talking about it for an hour he paused and said “Oh! We didn’t do any learning today!”

We are so excited that Jackson had so much fun learning about the Vikings today. He seems like an expert on this topic now, and is completely inspired to continue the momentum.

Thanks and congrats to all involved.
(Parents of Jackson 6MT)
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