Showbie (online learning)

Showbie is the software that the school are using to teach pupils when they are not in school due to Covid 19 isolation periods or class/school closures. Showbie can be used on any device with a web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.) and also has an app to use it on iPad or iPhone.

Link to sign in to Showbie on a web browser:

Link to download the Showbie App for iPad/iPhone:

As well as Showbie, please click here for a full list of website links for online learning.

Please click here for a list of PE websites for staying active at home.

There are a number of tutorial videos created by Showbie to help parents and children to learn how to use this piece of software.

Full playlist for all videos:

Below is a list to help with different parts of Showbie.

Signing In (with children's username and password):

Find Your Way Around:

Teachers may leave voice notes in a lesson to help pupils and the pupils may leave these to ask questions to the teacher. Below is a video to help understand voice notes.

Using and Leaving Voice Notes:

The teachers will set learning tasks for the children to complete which will involve the children writing on documents that the teachers have uploaded. Below is a video to help understand the different annotation tools.

Using Annotation Tools:

Sometimes the teachers may ask the children to do their work on a blank page. Below are instructions for how to add a new page.

Adding a New Page:

Renaming a File:

There are extra features that can be used on the iPad or iPhone app that can not be used on the web browser version. One of these features is uploading photos and videos.  Below are the instructions for this.

Uploading a Photo or Video (iOS):

Hopefully these videos have helped you and your child to use Showbie. If you have any more questions, please contact the school office who will be able to listen to your query and get someone to help you further.

Specific Guidance for Parents and Carers during Remote Learning

 Please find below specific weblinks with information.

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